16 Apr 2015

Tofu Masala

I've not been posting for quite sometime as life paused when we heard of the demise of one of our known friend.... Boopesh Kumar. I've known him for only a very short time, just for about four months.... but what was really shocking was the fact that I knew him right from the day he landed in this country. He came here for his studies with a lot of dreams to settle down in life and have a future ahead. As far as I know, he was a very good person.... calm, quite and soft spoken. He always kept to himself. The questions haunting me are.... 'Did life make him travel here to die?' 'Did his parents wave him at the airport at his departure here, to see him come back in a coffin?' 'Why was he saved, hospitalised, battled for life (actually for death) for five days and ultimately die?' 'Atleast if he had died on that drowning itself.... he needn't have had the prolonged suffer of pain' 'If somebody saved a person wasn't it meant that they had another chance?' My head is full of unanswerable queries.... I know it.... we all would have had such experiences.... must learn to live with it and move ahead..... 

25 Mar 2015

Wheat Rava Idli

I saw 'Ennakul Oruvan' tamil movie this week end. Its not the old one of Kamal Hassan but the one featuring Siddharth, although both bear the same title. I liked it a lot. It was conceptually similar to 'Inception' but very well screen played for the tamil audience. It was a bold attempt and one such film which takes on the fascination of movie buffs to a level ahead. Though during the course of the movie, at times.... we feel tired.... but the climax was so neat and cleanly narrated to convince and park itself in the good movies shelf of cinema library. Hats of to the director for such an attempt. 
And by the way, did you watch the ICC semi-finals between the Black caps and South Africans? What a fight!!!!!!!!!! It was heartening to see Villiers shed tears on the ground as he gave his all in that fielding.... Yes sometimes... hard work always doesn't pay off!! Lets move on to the recipe.....

20 Mar 2015

Flaxseed Moong Dal Bok Choy

I'm neither a cricket follower nor a fan. But yesterday's match.... especially the after match ceremony has made me slightly inclined towards the game. What a modesty was displayed by MS Dhoni when he said that the catch which made him have a big smile was because it was a fluke that he landed with that catch. He could have easily taken the credit for himself instead of admitting that it was a a surprising piece of luck though that wicket was badly needed to bring a turn to the match. Hats off to the Indian captain!!!!!!
OK now lets move on to this recipe. This is one interesting way to intake Bok Choy in an Indian way. Rather than always making sambhar with dal, this could be an interesting re placer....

17 Mar 2015

Tofu Beans Bhurji

Tofu..... as I already said has become a weekly ingredient as a replacement for paneer. I am on a hunt for new Tofu recipes and this is one such find!!! As you all know, Tofu does not have a taste of its own.... it is quite bland, but when accompanied with spices and other veggies it goes on very well. This is a normal bhurji but since I had beans in hand I added them along.... For the first look its similar to an egg bhurji and also close to it in taste... So, lets move on to the recipe.....

13 Mar 2015

Greens Stir-fry

Nowadays, I think I'm becoming obsessed by the term 'healthy'..... but must really get out of it. Not in any other sense but just be particular to have it in a corner of my mind rather than clouding my mind entirely with it. Its good to eat good food... but coining it with the term 'healthy' rather makes it irritating at times.... so I've decided to eat good and keep quiet, as everyone knows whats good for them and whats not.... So turning back to today's recipe.... its the greens stir-fry. I usually get these Asian greens only during the summer season here. Though plucking off the leaves might become the most difficult job as the end of the season approaches, as they start shrinking in size indicating this might be the last bunch you might have for this season!!!! But when you dump them in the kadai, the rustic flavour it emanates pays off for all the time spent plucking!

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