30 Nov 2012

Microwave Chocolate Cake (No Egg, No Butter)

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! This is my 50th post...... I wanted to make something special, and ended up in this quick, healthy, chocolatyyyyyy recipe..... I came out well and I had it topped with maple syrup which made it all the more interesting.... This can be made in a jiffy and you can even surprise the guests by serving a cake at such short notice..... Moreover, this being a single serving cake... avoids you from having a bake for days.... and adding pounds to your belly. This is in fact a healthy version and your cake craving at times can be immediately met.... Doesn't that sound interesting??????????? The original recipe is from Katie's blog. She has a lot of single lady cupcakes and I want to try all of them.... They are even more tempting at the way they  pose on her blog.... Now on to my 50th post :-)))))

29 Nov 2012

Cauliflower Milagu Kuzhambu

Yesterday, the city was all with a red carpet for the stars who flew over for the world premiere of 'The Hobbit'. As a very much hyped movie.... its to be screened on Dec 12.... lets see if it meets 'The Lord of the Rings' heights.... Now on to today's recipe.... I remember making this a very long time back when I was in Chennai..... I think it was one of Mallika Badrinath's recipe. I don't remember it exactly.... so I've made some changes, and here it is... It goes well with both rice and roti.

28 Nov 2012

Oats Uthappam

Oats has now become an inevitable ingredient in every household. I've tried some recipes with oats.... Though they make oats good to taste and get it down into the digestive tract, they've never been a tummy yummy enjoyable meal..... but to my surprise this one was :-).... I came across this recipe in the chef and her kitchen blog and as she exclaimed... this was the tastiest recipe with oats. Do give it a try.... you'll definitely love it!!!!

27 Nov 2012

Sundal Kuzhambu

Sundal Kuzhambu has been in my Saturday lunch menu since my school days..... and even now I would never miss a chance of making them in the weekend.... We all used to fast on Saturdays and so this would delight us at its very sight. We used to have the lunch very soon and it would be quite filling until dinner time...  So, this gravy always arouses my nostalgic thoughts of my home :-)))) Missing it a lot........... Mom used to say that she learnt this from one of her malayalee friend. This is a unique recipe as I've not tasted it in any other place and even did not come across this in any of the blogs. This is a sure keeper.... Give it a try... it would definitely be a hit at home.... 

26 Nov 2012

Eggless Chocochip Cupcakes

So, how was the weekend? Mine was quite good... went window shopping... With Christmas round the corner, the entire city looks pretty with a taint of red and green... everyone happy, looking forward for the season. With world premiere of 'The Hobbit' to be held here this week, we are having the screening of 'The Lord of the rings' trilogy one on each day, starting yesterday.... Since it was very cold and windy we returned home before the show was even over. Anyway, had a nice time....  Now on to the recipe....
As I've already mentioned I'm not such a big fan of chocolates wedded to cakes..... I made these cupcakes for a visit to a friend's house. The cupcakes came out very well and with the chocochips sprinkled over them they looked even more wonderful.... 

23 Nov 2012

Greengram Dosa

Greengram dosa is from the Andhra cuisine.... (I think! Hope I'm not wrong). It is also called as pesarattu. I was introduced to this dish only recently. It is a protein rich dish and is ideal for weekend dinner along with peanut chutney and idli podi. Do give it a try... I adapted the recipe from Sharmi's blog

22 Nov 2012

Banana Marble Cake (No eggs, No butter)

This marble cake was purely baked on the passion of its design... It is as usual an eggless, butterless cake harboring on the flavour of banana. You can find the original recipe here... The cake turned out a little flat as I directly used yogurt from the fridge without bringing it down to room temperature... but nevertheless there wasn't any compromise on its taste.... This time I learned to be patient enough to invert it only after resting it for some time and so this baby slided on to the wire rack without a fuss and mess...

21 Nov 2012

Paneer Tikka

Paneer is one of my most favourite dishes.... I encountered paneer only a decade back when we were on a trip to Pondi.... At first I was hesitant thinking it might taste like some root veggie.... but was persuaded by my uncle to have a bite..... after which I completely fell in love with this whityyyyy..... Though I've not tried out this tikka till now... it was always on my to-do list...... and finally the day came when I purchased the skewers and pushed them into the oven..... I adapted from in Rak's kitchen.... my favourite blog spot.... 

19 Nov 2012

Soya Bhurji

Soya chunks has become a routine in everyone's diet these days...... good thing.... indeed! I've mostly done Soya chunks curry for roti... but when I saw this recipe I badly wanted to try this out.... It was a yummy side-dish  for tomato rasam... I used the left-over for making sandwiches the next morning.....

16 Nov 2012

Radish Peanut Curry

Are you like me, the one who doesn't have the tastebud for radish??? Then you should definitely try out this Radish Peanut Curry...... I bet you'll start loving radish.... if not atleast this radish in this dish for sure.... I swear it'll be a hit in your dining table..... The original version of the recipe can be found here

15 Nov 2012

Mutton Chukka

We very rarely purchased lamb.... and when we did, it would be for mutton biriyani mostly as we bothlove it for a Sunday lunch..... followed by a short nap. But this time we decided to cook something else.... and Mutton Chukka was the choice. It came out very very very tasty and we had it with tomato rasam.... Though  making it chukka (that is dry...) was the longest part.... it was worth the wait :-) I adapted the recipe from Solai's Kitchen. Do give it a try ;-) you'll surely love it....

14 Nov 2012

Radish Soup - A tribute to Chef Jacob

So how was Diwali? Had loads of fun? And finally the festival for which there's been a year of waiting is over... so now we all start looking for the next Diwali........ isn't it.... as it is 'the biggest occasion' in India...

13 Nov 2012

Vegetable Cutlets

It's Diwali today................. Celebrations are all over the place.........  Here, it's me WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY DIWALI........

12 Nov 2012

Zebra Cake (No Eggs, No Butter)

I've been waiting for month's and finally the day came when I took it out of my oven............ It had those lines on it.... smelled divine............ wondering what???? It is my Zebra cake. I was very much taken aback by this cake at its very first sight... and badly wanted to bake it. Since it needed cocoa (and me not being a chocolaty person) I just postponed it. But soon after trying moist chocolate cake, the next thing I wanted to make is this Zebra cake and it came out quite well for a first timer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly, I had only raw sugar at hand and it changed the colour of my vanilla lining with brown tint.... making the lines less distinct. But still Zebra is Zebra... but a faintly striped one ;-) Secondly, I should have waited until the cake completely cooled down.... Check out here for the recipe source.

9 Nov 2012

Capsicum Peanut Poriyal

Today I saw the movie 'You've got mail'..... it was recommended by one of my friends..... and yes it is worth the watch. Now onto the recipe..... This is one of my favorite dish as it needs not much preparation and can be made in a jiffy. But the taste would never be compromising at all. It almost goes with any main course.... The original recipe was from Tickling Palates.

Jeera Rice

I am always on the hunt for easy mixed rice recipes...... Here is a very simple jeera rice.... I've just added peas to it for a good, healthy colorful combo!!! 

8 Nov 2012

Bread Broccoli Upma

I usually wed broccoli with pasta and they will go happily into our tummies..... But yesterday I was short of the wholemeal pasta's and was wondering how to put in my broccoli's for dinner, as they've already sat in my fridge for four days...... So I was just surfing around to find something to go along with this veggie... Yippee!!! I came across this bread upma in Gayathri's blog. She had them done with capsicum..... so my cook mind instructed me to replace them with broccoli..... and 'yes' it was right..... The dish came out well.... but I thought of variations that I need to try out the next time.... I've put my ideas in the notes.... 

7 Nov 2012

Palak Kadhi

Kadhi is as I believe a Maharastrian dish..... The basic ingredient of it is curd along with the masala ingredients. I tried adding spinach to it.... and BINGO!!! it was a success. It became a hit at home. Nowadays its regularly sitting in our weekly menu.... Do give it a try and I'm sure you'll love it.... Don't get astonished with the addition of wheat flour to this.... it tastes great..... On to the recipe.......

5 Nov 2012

Vadai Morkuzhambu

During my schooldays, I always hated morkuzhambu's.... I couldn't remember why I always avoided them but I just hated them... until I started to cook them myself. Now they've turned out to be one of my keeper recipes and that too with vadai's added, they've started to taste even more special... This is one of the recipes I came across in TV, with my chef Dhamu making them with all his touches.... The way he explains the combinations and the taste of the dish makes you drooling!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe me... this is one such recipe...

3 Nov 2012

Eggless Butterless Moist Chocolate Cake

Something brown with a chocolaty tint are always the one I avoid..... My palettes do love chocolates but not when its cooked with a cake or when its drenched in coffee.... But when I came across this recipe here in Rak's kitchen (my most favourite food blog), I thought I must give it a try... It made me feel that my baking would never be complete without buying cocoa powder... and so at last I bought it yesterday and made this eggless butterless moist chocolate cake..... It came out of the oven smelling so divine...... I couldn't wait to slice them until they cooled... so you could make this out in my photograph's itself.... the edges are crumbly and uneven...... So after you bake these goodies DO ALLOW THEM TO COOL COMPLETELY BEFORE SLICING, for  good shots....

2 Nov 2012

Fruity Oats Porridge

Oats........... mostly shunned by all (including me:-(( ) b'cos IT'S HEALTHY. That is its tagline..... But in these days it must somehow be incorporated into the daily routine.. Here is one way how to do it.... The recipe is quite simple but it definitely helps me (hope U also.....) push this bland ingredient into my digestive system without much fuss.... Now on to the recipe....

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