2 Sep 2012

Rose-bud Savoury Rolls

All you need is..........

For the dough

Wheat Flour - 1cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Yeast - 1/2 tblspn
Curd - 2 tblspn
Baking soda - 1/4 tsp
Olive oil - 1 tblspn
Warm water - 1/4 cup

For the filling

Potato - 1
Carrot - 2
Peas - 1/2 cup
Green Chilli - 2
Cumin - 1 tsp
Coriander - 2 tblspn
Oil - 1 tsp

Get going..........

  1. In the warm water, mix sugar and yeast..... leave it for 10 mins until it froths up.
  2. In a bowl take the wheat flour along with salt and baking soda. To this add the curd and the yeast mixture. Knead well until you get a soft dough. Oil a vesssel and place the dough. Let it in a warm place until it doubles. It might take an hour or so.
  3. Now take the doubled volume dough and punch out the air. Divide it into 8 portions. Roll out each portion into a disc. Make for cuts on the edges such that there are four petals with the centre united.
  4. Prepare the filling. Chop all the vegetables finely and microwave it for 5 mins or until they are cooked and become soft. Heat oil and season it with cumin seeds. Add chillies. Then add the boiled vegetables. Season it with salt. You can even add chilli powder if you want them hot. Cool the mixture. Divide itinto 8 portions and roll each into a ball.
  5. Place each ball in the centre of each disc. Cover them with the petals. Place all the 8 on a baking tray and leave them for the second rise.
  6. Bake them in a pre-heated oven for 20 mins until they turn golden brown.

Enjoy them warm with a cup of coffee...

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